Friday, 18 December 2009

Strictly Come Dancing - It Takes Two: Masterclass-gate!

Who'd have thought that angelic little boy would've grown into James ...

Chrola training update, Charleston and foxtrot, loving both dances, will perform well. 340 hours training so far in the series!

James' Strictly dance life: Started aged 10 with his sister, realised aged 14 he's surrounded by girls! Private tuition stepped his career up a notch, found Ola, they danced for a year before dating, morphed into a proper lion, married four years later. He seriously used to overdo the spray tan. And thankfully got his hair cut! SCD approached after a Blackpool comp and we witnessed wild to mild James!

Ricalie training update, QS and Cha Cha, a lot to remember! 314 hours training through the series so far.

The Masterclass: Claudia helps recreate probably the most well-remembered dance (for all the wrong reasons!) Erin and Colin's puppet dance - Len's called his Claudia, as she's all limp and cuddly; Claudia's calling hers Brendan. Here we go: Four little sways, a long lingering kiss, come up, don for a second helping, a little run backwards 123 123, come across cha cha. cock your leg, back, cock your leg, run over, lift frock and show knickers! Cue music!

Forum Q&A: Fave TV show: Len - New Tricks, Bargain Hunt, QI; Phil - Question of Sport; Erin - Desperate Houswives; Laila - Only Fools and Horses; Brian - Goldenballs; James - Hole in the Wall.

Do you cook/fave dish: Flavia - pasta; Lilia - no (Darren does it) Darren: Tuna and pesto bake; Natalie C - roast; Ali - lasagne, shepherds pie; Brian - barbecue; Anton - no!

Lindy Hop group training: Intricate, got to be on the beat, it's got everything in it, it's a showpiece welcome to the final. The hunk versus the hobbit!

Ex-contestants panel, Mark Foster, Jodie Kidd and Mark Ramprakash, agreeing that once you've been a part of it, you never really leave. Ramps (Ramping up the blood pressure) says there'll be mixed emotions - so much going on; Jodie (2 marks for Jodie) hoped Ian and Jade would go all the way, so upset; Mark (fostering the finalists) you have to push'n'push'n'push. Their highlights - Tuffer's salsa for Ramps, he's a WYSIWYG guy; Jodie loved Alian's American Smooth, thats' her territory, she taught her everything! Mark rooted for Ricky and Erin, he set out to entertain, loved his tango. *Whispers* He talked about the comedy in it, so I think he meant the Paso!

A trip down Memory Lane over the past sixteen weeks; the celebs feelings: tension - hardest ever thing - an honour - spirit to capture - nerves - challenge - live and breathe it - addictive - wrapped up - embrace it - a little magic - special - more magic - once in a lifetime opportunity.

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