Friday, 18 December 2009

Strictly Come Dancing - It Takes Two: Final Preparations

Ricalie on the sofa first, we're getting their highlights packages tonight, Ricky (Whittle Wonderland) and Natalie (Mistle-Lowe and Wine) chose the Quickstep and Cha Cha as that's what their supporters on the forums and all around have wanted to see again. Run the family and friends VT - hey, check out Soul Glow Ricky! The little VT elves have set them off, its been emotional. Ricky never knew his grandad was a ballroom teacher!

The Dance Machine Challenge Final: James versus Brian. James enjoying himself; Brian concentrating. And the winner is: James! Improving his mark to 69200; Brian improves more, to over 56,000 but it's not enough! James has a trophy and I don't think we've seen the last of it.

Ricky G (Christmas Grover), Lynda (Jingle Bellingham) and Natalie C (Xmas Fayre and square) on the sofa wishing they were still in it and loving Alian's VW, Ianade's foxtrot and Zojam's rumba. There's no pressure on them tomorrow, they can just go out and enjoy it.

Chrola on the sofa for their highlights, Chris (The Hollins and the ivy) was a bit down but has received lots of supportive messages telling him to keep his chin up. Lindy Hop training loooks good, family and friends VT a morale boost.

Len eulogises over Ola and Natalie, Latin versus ballroom, Ola: hot and spicy, cooking up a dream, determination and dogged spirit, James in her corner, obviously. Natalie: elegant, good teacher, poise, determination, stamina, drive, Ian bigging her up.

Friday Panel, Len (Wiseman) and Bruno (Christmas party popper) joined by the So You Think You Can Dance head honcho, Nigel Lythgoe (Bah, humbug) the US Series having finished this week, our one starting on Jan 2nd! The People's champ versus the Judges champ, Len recognising Chris' huge public support, and Ricky at the top of their leaderboard more often that not. They're going to raise their games - Ricky's QS, so together, so light on his feet, musicality quite extraordinary; Chris foxtrot, head a little too high; Ricky's Cha Cha - uses his feet like paintbrushes; Chris' charleston shows his personality.

James is down in the studio for live rehearsals - Kristina and Brian are practising behind him, he uns through the final order - voting opens after the first round of dances! Back to Claudia and a flashback of all the funniest bits of ITT and then a sing song to end - thanks goodness it's a dance competition. Dunno what Cowell was so worried about! Actually, they should release this really really quickly, we can all download it and go for the Xmas Number One, that would really make Cowell's Week! (Bet captionman would love to have thought of that one!)

Claudia fans - your questions answered below!

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