Friday, 11 December 2009

Strictly Come Dancing - It Takes Two: Press Pack Panel

But firstly, out on the street for the taxi drivers, butchers and hairdressers to have their say. They all want either Ricky, Ali or Chris to win ... John Pienaar (political correspondent) tells us that Lord Mandelson wants to do Strictly, there's incredulous laughter at the phrase "he's a laugh a minute guy" or some such. Claudia says the look of Death would work for the tango. He briefs Gordon on the show! Come on, seriously - how far would he get? Would we keep him in it to see him humiliate himself? Would we vote him off first chance? Or would we actually see how he goes? Robert Jobson (royal correspondent) confirms HRH's Charles and Camilla's love for the show and even called Buck House to try and find out who the Queen is voting for, as she's a fan too. Surely they could squeeze them in on the front row of the celebrity seats some time? Oliver Holt (sports correspondent) says the sporting world is still a little reticent about their love of SCD (except those that have done it, of course, Dawson's totally over excited at the mere mention of sequins these days!) All three are rooting for Chris.

Ola's journey - the story of the dance: Hear the song Saturday night, sorting the choreography on Sunday makes for a stress-free Monday. Chris learns it in two parts. Tuesday evening should be going all through to music, after spending the day remembering. Wednesday all done, time to polish. Thursday last full day, if you don't know it now, you don't know it! Don't stop, if you make a mistake recover and keep going. Friday at TV centre in front of everyone. Stressful. Saturday, first time with the band, then dress rehearsal, then Showtime! Mouth dry, legs trembling!

Friday Panel: Matt Di A (Dance matters) Natalie Cassidy (Square smile) and Bruno (Highly sprung) he wants to be overwhelmed with a torrent of emotion. Ali will master the technique, will she ignite the rest? Heavy music, need to hear more. Dress is black lace over nude fabric, think Gaulthier. Chrola needs to tape the hands together again, music sounded good to me, Matt says it's quite R&B, didn't hear enough, but I thought it suited them. Ricalie have got it all going for them, could nail it - and proper AT music should please the purists. A three couple semi a la Matt, Alesha and Gethin: a scary place to be, agrees Matt, I had to take Gethin down!

The point of no return, how time has flown, they still can't believe they've made it this far. And Ali appears to have no thoughts of retiring! Claudia has made it to the ballroom; James is up in the lights, dusting the huge glitter ball. There are 92000 mirrors on that, he tells the stunned Claudia, as he descends singing I Believe I Can Fly. He quite possibly just won the next series with that; they winch him back up, she pops over to Alian and Ricalie; Brian enjoying being with all the others again; Ricky says Natalie has drawn blood in their training, what the long legs in the AT! They're waltzing again to see how far he's progressed since week one and it's a beautiful song they've got.

As far as I know, James is still suspended up at the glitter ball, dusting.

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