Thursday, 10 December 2009

Strictly Come Dancing - It Takes Two: Training updates.

Argentine Tango: Ricalie on 18.5 hours: He needs shin pads and a cricket box; Chrola on 20.5: it's all in the relationship; Alian on 13.5 She's going for the sexy and seductive. Nice lift and splits.
Len's Masterclass, Claudia's favourite dance, the Argentine Tango. He wants seductive, intricate, get it right it's one of the best; get it wrong, looks silly. They're re-creating Mark and Karen's iconic AT. Strong left arm - leg up -be firm - round we go - drag (or hop!) leg down - straight up -feet together. Cue music: Claudia's best ever, lol.

The revamped dance updates: Ricalie waltz - a full on routine by Natalie, sure he can pull it off, could be beautiful - or distastrous; Chrola rumba, looking passionate - but was that a lift (why not?) Alian AS - exciting but brain scrambling.

Chrola on the sofa: Ola (Cola cube) says getting this far means so much more because she's enjoying it so much; Chris (Has a serious girlfriend, you know.) Will always give it everthing, no fear anymore, just do it. Putting in the hours, whatever it takes. Cola FC - good at kicks, lol - who puts these little VT's together - we need a feature on them doing it! He needs shinpads too; having a brilliant time doing the rumba.

Karen and how the nation has taken Strictly to it's heart. Ten years ago, studios were closing and dancing was uncool for kids. Now, new schools are opening, kids getting into it. Forget the school panto, it's a dance show now. For all ages, partners leaving the sofa for the dance floor - we now a nation of dance lovers. Even a government initiative to get healthy via dance.

Ant (Always the bridesmaid) and Bren (First Strictly Champ) are on the sofa, about time for the Govt. initiative says Anton; dances uses the body and the mind, says Brendan, you're active and off the streets, it's exciting and interactive. When they got the phone call from the BBC, way back then in 2004, they laughed their socks off, then came the meeting with the Mighty Brucie and the decision to take part was a no-brainer. Dance Machine Challenge: Brendan (who would have been disqualified had it not been a bit of fun) score: 13,100 very respectable. Anton - 15,000. Yo, Respect! There's a difference ... end credits showing a lot of gratitude.

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