Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Strictly Come Dancing - It Takes Two: James Storms Leaderboard

Alian on the sofa, they were sure they'd be in the dance off on Saturday, such a relief they weren't. She is trying very hard to get into the character of each dance and hoping she will nail the AT. Brian's Love Match: Will you listen to the lines he pulls - I bet every bloke watching is taking notes! Pick the Brian of your dreams, if you haven't found the perfect one within 14 weeks get a free date with Darren Bennett. Cannot be exchanged with a Vincent Simone. Their goal this week: Len to tell Ali she's passionate. The American Smooth is their other dance. Good choice.

The Statsman is back: The AT has been performed nine times, averaging 35.8; Mark/Karen and Rachel/Vincent 39; Alesha 38. Craig the only judge never to have given a ten.

Midweek Report with James (Dreams of the Argentine) and Vincent (Piccolino Perfect) the AT needs drama, emotional and passion. Chrola have connection in the opening, lots of nice looking basic steps. Looking good - "don't know why they've chosen two passionate dances," says James, lol. Ricalie with some leg wraps, octopus, splits, need to do everything bigger! Alian need to be close, more passionate. Difficult choreography, they're all doing well, a little more grounding and intimacy all that's needed.

Chrola rumba - brave - he loves it, they sell it all the time, more work on posture. Not too romantic, says James, she's my wife. Ricalie waltz - bit of move there where Nat needs to keep her feet on the floor, obviously not meant to be a lift but Ricky so strong. Could be outstanding, unbelievable standard. Alian look like their AS will be quite fast, a bit skippy, bit raw at the mo.

Dance Machine Challenge - everyone's got to do it, says Claudia. Except me, I would openly weep and rock in a corner. James (I'm not competitive, competitive I am Not! Much.) shatters The Bennett's score with a massive 66,100! Come on! Vincent score: 500. Let's not rub it in - Mrs J is beating him too.

A quick chat with Auntie Su and her fave AT dresses - Rachel and Alesha's. Loves the mean and moody look for the men, specially Ramps. Then it's the dads on the sofa: Harry (Ricky) Nick (Ali) and John (Chris) never seen Ricky like this before, disco, yes; ballroom, no. Cute baby picture. Ali arrived from Venus and there's video proof of her previous dance experience (aged about 4!) Chris determined to concentrate and get it right, as much as in sport. Aw chubby-kneed toddler pic - that's him aged 13, quips Dad. Life has been taken over, he's now Ricky's dad, not Harry! Nick says the judges comments spur Ali on. John loves the humour, eg the constipated/laxative comments. And so the credits roll ...

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