Thursday, 3 December 2009

Strictly Come Dancing - It Takes Two: Switching sofas.

224? I've written down 224 and now for the life of me can't remember why. Something to do with football but not ... 2 dances, 2 something elses and four couples wasn't it? *Note to self* Stop messing about with domestic chores and get on the computer a.s.a.p.

Ballroom update: Alian Tango - 17 hours - it's all Greek to Ali at the moment. She's a lover not a fighter. And she's been so reticent about it till now! Lainton - AS - 16 hours - not too difficult, lots of screaming in the lifts though! Ricalie Foxtrot - 18 hours - tough and technical - very Fred Astaire - which he's not! He's trying to soften; Nat seems very taken! Chrola - waltz - 16 hours - needs longer and elegant, difficult with his little legs. His brain is scrambling but Ola thinks it could be beautiful!

Sian and Bill on this sofa, reliving Bill and Karen's highlights. Lot of fun, Ballroom Bill (Strictly Bill - loved) and he's still enchanted whenever he hears the music. Sian (Cha Lady) didn't think Chris would get very far - but Bill said final 4! He reckons. Standout moments - Tuffers and Zoe's exit, for the wrong reasons; Disney Princess Ali's VW at Blackpool (not the VW where they bumped into everyone and still got a ten? queries BB!) Ricky needs to not make any mistakes; Laila better in ballroom (what a surprise! states BB - he's a lad, isn't he!) They are revelling in Chris, like proud parents. But would have said 9's for the Charleston, not a 10.

Len's Masterclass - recreating Erin and Austin's Cha Cha. It's a regular starter for the celebs, since the regular timing is easier to keep to, also they want a fun and upbeat start to the series. New York - step forward with right foot - turn toe out - two -three - bring right leg round - cha cha cha - rock onto left foot- open turn - cha cha cha - repeat - hands on buttocks - Woooooo (Len) *EEK* (Claudia). The heels nearly went! Cue music!

Alian on the sofa - high heels in situ! Ali (toe-tally into dance) was thrilled to get through Saturday with awesome marks. Claudia then points out the collision in the VW (with sound effects!) Brian (In tuna with Ali) surprised to get the 10. Ali says Flavia said it was OK to bump, lol. And she now understands the fear of the samba!

Latin updates: Chrola samba - "Don't let me go out there on my own!" A lot to remember but he's motoring - and he just got a kiss and a "beautiful!" Alian - Brian's giving a maths lesson. Head *whoosh* Ricalie cha cha - cheeky, funky, soulful, fast and technical - turn your feet out. She's pushing him. Good. Go for it. Lainton salsa - she's enjoying it - happy, sexy, cheeky, traditional music.

Ian on the sofa, he's the Pro charged with choreographing a group cha cha this week. He lets slip they're dancing to two Motown songs - three minutes of solid cha cha. His fave Pro dance so far is the QS with Anton and Erin, Vincent and Flavia, choreographed by partner Natalie. He's next on the Dance Machine, thinks he was tragic. Score: 18300 - second only to The Bennett!

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