Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Strictly Come Dancing - It Takes Two: Midweek Update

Chrola on the sofa, Ola (dapper flapper) says the dance suited them perfectly; Chris met Spandau Ballet who gave him their seal of approval. And it's nice that people are saying they were undermarked, they were happy at being second on the leaderboard. Chris is happy that Ola's happy! The Jordan -no, not that one, the Ola Jordan lean mean tough talking machine - no Hollins were hurt in the making of this! Ola's turn on the Dance Machine - score 5200, puts her 2nd! Happy Days.

Forum Q&A: If not a dancer, what would you be? Pro Natalie: Ice skater or policewoman; Flavia - something with animals; Katya - entertainments manager, wedding planner or journalist (and possibly more!) Vincent: model; Anton: No idea - Big Issue? What height is best for a dancer? Flavia, Vincent and Darren say short; Erin, James and Katya say their height! Ian wasn't there, am assuming his answer! Ever done a 'normal' job? Lilia - dressmaker; Vincent - no, look at these hands, never done a days work in their life; Flavia: Bank cashier; Ola: no; Darren: shoe salesman and chauffeur, cook and cleaner - for Lilia! What's Strictly's best kept secret? Darren and Lilia both say it wouldn't be a secret if they told us, but James says he and Brendan are having an affair, lol!

James (Flash Gordon) with the midweek report (although is hard to tell as they're all still learning) It's gruelling to learn two dances - not that he knows, he's never got that far! Next year James, next year! Alian samba - needs more bounce, nice but should be fun and have explosive energy; Ricalie cha cha - walking on heels, a cardinal sin but routine looking good; Lainton salsa, needs to work feet into the floor; Chrola samba, needs to work on technique posture and footwork; Alian tango - arms too high, needs to sort frame and get into knees; Lainton AS thinks it's going to be beautiful; Chrola waltz, he's thinking of the steps, posture appalling, needs more work.

Lainton on the sofa; the telephone rings - you'd think people would know by now, wouldn't you - looks like I'm going to have to start actually telling them "not between 6.30-7pm on a weekday" Jeez. Laila (fringe benefitter) has been teaching Anton (Beke to the 20's) in her Lady Rouass' Finishing School for Cool! Innit Doh!

The end credits show how much the Pro's have to put up with - the dance language is appalling - it's a feather step, not a "jiggy jiggy"!

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