Monday, 14 December 2009

Strictly Come Dancing - It Takes Two: We're going to need bigger sofas.

Lilia has the backstage pass and manages to nab them all looking their worst first thing in the morning. But into make up they go and emerge looking Fab-U-Lous. There's nervous energy all over the place, witness James drop to his knees with a 'YES!' at the final result!

Alain on the sofa; Ali (nify fifty) always knew there was a chance they'd be going home; Brian (Cryin' Fortuna) thought it could be them, but really had no idea. They wouldn't have done anything differently. Clauds asks the question re the kiss - Brian said he just wanted to see if he could get away with it. Yeah, right! A big shout out to all their supporters, paticularly of course, the Fortuna's Fantastics. A foray through the highlights and now we're all welling up again. Ali takes the time to thank everyone behind the scenes, they do an amazing job.

Judges subtitles - oh, it's good to see the writer of these has their finger on the pulse, lol. Len (likes a ten) and Bruno (Holymoly Tonioli) on the sofa, agreeing that Craig was too picky on Ricalie's AT - it was technically better than Mark's, he nailed the look, Ricky was the real deal. Praise for Chris too, Len says the others look too much for hands and face. Claudia apologises to anyone with a twitch. Ricky's musicality in the waltz explained.

Chrola on the sofa, allowed to say the 'F' word now! Chris (Fish face) feels guilty for Alian - you can stop that now, Mr.Hollins, it had to be one of you! Ola (Jumping for Jordan) is still in shock. The whole journey based on enjoyment. How will they beat Ricalie? They'll just do their best.

Ricalie on the sofa - totally convinced they were going home, she looked physically and emotionally shattered at the end of the night in the VT there. Ricky (Muscles sprout) said the AT was his goal, right from the start; Nat (on a high) couldn't have done it that well without him (as opposed to someone else, not like, physically on her own, see?) On making it look easy - they've trained until 2am some nights - the QS wasn't right until the Saturday morning! How are they going to be Chrola? They can't affect what another couple can do - they'll go out to thank the public by doing the best they can.

Oh, and it sounds like the Lindy Hop will be a joint dance, all out together!

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