Monday, 7 December 2009

Strictly Come Dancing - It Takes Two: The one where Claudia can't get a word in.

Superfan Miranda Hart with the backstage pass - it's a wristband, by the way. Chris is her favourite, shows him her line - but now she can't get in to the studio, because she hasn't got the wrist band and the doormen doesn't recognise her - she steals one: She's been waiting seven years for this. The studio is deserted, *doh* wrong one. She's there now! It's much smaller than expected; nicks Tess' Mars bar stash, has a grope of Ricky's guns, borrows Brendan's hat, who doesn't want it back now he's seen how it looks. Sneaks up on Ian, one studio chair at a time. Shows Vincent how to do a roly poly. Will Miranda Hart and her partner Ian Waite please take to the dance floor ... yes please!

Lainton on the sofa, very disappointed but did expect it, Laila (Out on her Rouass) found two dances difficult, struggled enough with one! Let's talk salsa, let's not: Call it the s-word! Felt they deserved to go, it would have been embarrassing and unfair if someone else had gone instead of them. Very happy with the forum comments. Laila now rooting for Ricky and Natalie; Anton wants Darcey to win!

A guide to Darcey (flexing her bussells), then she's on the sofa with Alesha (off the leash-a) and Bruno (Toni-oli the tiger) who sees himself a James Bond with a couple of lovelies! Darcey has been watching all the way through - and asks how it is they don't slip, she did when she tried Latin! Claudia chooses this moment to drop the bombshell: NO DANCE OFF ON SATURDAY!!! But presumably we're still losing someone, she didn't say, but the panel were saying it's all up to us. Well, you, to be precise - I'm going out this week. Just as well, because I won't know who to vote for. Is there any chance they'll make it a two part final? That was the moment to announce it. If not, can the third place couple come back and do a showdance the following week? Please?

Let's discuss the three finalists, and they do, all at once, lol. Ricky has got to master the performance, personality sides of things; the hardest thing to do is make the dancing look easy. Chris needs to be given the content now to go with his improved dancing - Alesha says we need to look past his faces! Ali so sweet, but has got to assume the character of the dance and not be so self conscious, needs to breathe.

Strictly Forum Q&A: Any superstitions? Matt - right shoe goes on first; Lilia - right everything goes on first (shoes, eyelashes, everything!) Ian has new shoes for every competition; Darren checks his flies and that he's oiled his shoes. Biggest achievement? Chris: Holding down a job at the Beeb for ten years - without them finding out he's an idiot! Len: His son, James; Ola: Meeting James (her husband, not Len's son. Presumably.) Ian becoming independant from his Nan's apron strings. Last week. No, I'm kidding. Fave toy? Len: a talc gun; Flavia: huge dolly called Spatsolina; Erin: Teddy (very patched now) made by Gran.

Dance Machine Challenge: Katya (Feline groovy) on the mat; score: 0! Lilia will be so happy!
Forget tough love, it's all hugging and kissing in the training end credits!

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  1. Come on team Cola, we're rooting for you. We think you, Ola and Chris should win hands down - you are the most likeabe, entertaining and hard working couple we have seen to date.

    Come on team Cola

  2. As Claudia would say, other forms of soft drinks are also available, lol.

    Thanks for visiting, Anon :-)