Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Strictly Come Dancing - It Takes Two: Mr. Saturday Night is in the House

You know, when Bruce said he'd stepped into Claudia's shoes, the production crew really missed and opportunity there. I'm sure her black strappy numbers would've suited him. He's taken her gag off now. That little lad in the picture - Vincent, yes?

The stars of Strictly pay homage to Brucie, in a montage with his Saturday night spectaculars - I swear I just saw the Queen on the Gen Game! Brucie (he's the daddy) on the sofa now, wanting his cocoa. This series has been staggering, he says, it's built to a climax and we're in for a great final. Highlights include Chrola's Charleston, their charisma stands out, also Ricalie's Quickstep, you could see his potential immediately. A Q&A session from stars and forum: Brian - Fave catchprase? You're my favourite! (It's actually something Nat King Cole said to him in 1961!) Brucie Bonus Becky - Who did you aspire to be like? Fred Astaire, would love to have met him. Chris - dressing room demands? Champagne he buys himself, maybe some digestives, tea and capuccino! What do you want for Xmas? (apologies to Forumite, Brucie was still talking so I missed your name) Nothing, maybe some peace and quiet, taking a three month break in Puerto Rico, with his digestives. Len - what football team do you support? Arsenal and Spurs. Boo - Len'll be disappointed, he's a Hammer like me! Brucie's going to brave a masterclass with Claudia but doesn't want to tread on Len's toes ... like Claudia has the past few weeks!

Strictly dance life and of course it was Vincent! Won his first competition age 10, moved to UK in '95, found instant connection with Flavia, turned Pro won the Ten Dance and the Showdance and World Champ AT two times in a row, got the SCD call, lucked out with Louisa, then Rachel, then Natalie, all very different but a long way in the competition.

Choreography Corner with Flavia (Cacace falling star) and James (The Mane man) Chrola AT - the chemistry, great performance, nice gancho section, he sells it so well for someone with no acting skills. Ricalie lots of content, a section on his heels - man's decoration in the AT, very difficult. Nat hasn't given him an easy ride - but makes it look easy. Chrola rumba starts off contemporary, not normally seen, setting the mood (too close at the end, says James). A double reverse spin in Ricalie's waltz is very tricky, very brave, pulled it off.

Brucie moments: Natalie C: Bruce kissing her hand on one knee when she left; Chris: The 'never mind, never mind" quote they hoped not to hear! Ali: The striptease, cut off too soon, Brucie! Erin: Dancing with him in Series One; Bruno and Ian: taking charge when it all went wrong with the mike in Mark and Karen's salsa.

Brucie's Masterclass, brave man, he loves a challenge - he's giving Claudia a tap lesson: Flap ball change, flap ball change or just flap ... she's gone Nordic ski-ing instead. Then a glide, that's glide Clauds, not glide-r! Cue music!

Final reminder, a montage of Ricalie and Chrola to finish. If you're having a final party, you can download paddles and judges from the website. Really, Claudia just said!

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