Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Strictly Come Dancing - It Takes Two: It All Becomes Clear

Ricalie not on the sofa, but Ricky (hit a rock'n'rolly patch) on the phone from training in Liverpool, says the judges were right to criticize, they need cleaner performances. Claudia asks what the 'C' sign is for: Carly, he says. And the pat on the tummy was for a pregnant friend and he's saying 'hi' to nieces and nephews when he scratches his bum or nose. The hand waving is to land a plane. I made that last bit up. Cha Cha and Foxtrot this week, couldn't be more different.

Choreography corner, Karen (Hardy ever wrong) makes herself comfortable to tell us the Pro is very protective of their partner, so a new choreographer coming in is unsettling and typically a neighbour's little brat knocks on the door, in the dark, sub zero temperatures and asks if littlun wants to play out. No, he doesn't, he's going to bed soon. Now bog off, don't you know what's on the telly? Or is your mum watching it and you've sneaked out? That was rhetorical, go away. Pffft. *Settles down again*. She loved the two new dances and said the Pro's probably did too. Chrola's Charleston beginning and ending singled out for fab moves, it's also as much about the performance. Interestingly, there's an interview with Darcey Bussell in the Radio Times, and she says, in response to the technique or performance question: "From my experience, if you're a great performer and the audience falls in love with you, you can do no wrong. Dance has to be enjoyable. You have to feel confident when you're watching someone; they must look like they're having the time of their life." Well, I think that settles all the arguments, don't you? Because the person making you feel like that could be someone technically very gifted or someone who isn't so but sells it more. Room for the Alians and the Ricalies and the Chrolas of the world. I'm just sorry that one of them will miss out on the final. Anyway, Claudia agrees with Karen that Chrola should've scored more, although not as technically strong like Ali's swivel - it all came together for her. Lainton's armography singled out, could see where Craig was coming from in terms of the ankle twisting. Ricalie's dance off dance definitely stronger - well executed swingy lift into the big one. Karen's off to Australia now - naughty Claudia wasn't supposed to tell anyone because now she'll be inundated with emails.

Tess (Daly news) is on the sofa, following a montage of praise from Brucie, celebs and pro's alike, drama every step of the way this year, you can't predict the outcome; Nat the funmaker, the most happy person ever on SCD; loved the Charleston - Ali's coming out party! Does she ever predict correctly - Yes with Alesha and Mark, no with Darren.

Inquest into the Group VW, held by Flavia (a flavia cacace-up) very proud of them all, a genuine ballroom competition. Floorcraft singled out - keeping your space and avoiding other couples - naughty Brian cut across the middle of the floor, that's bad - should they have got a ten? Judges must have missed it - it's all part of the competition. Ricky did brilliantly, Laila very relaxed in Anton's arms - all the girls good at following. Chrola had the best floorcraft, very confident and kept their own space.

Flav's on the Dance Machine Challenge - they wouldn't let her have a second go! Score 1700, second place - she's very pleased, thought she'd be challenging Lilia!

For everything that goes right, there's the training footage end credits showing it all going completely pearshaped, in a segment on Saturday's lifts. Scary. Watch it with the lights on.

The Strictly Surgery - Vincent's tips for a top Paso Doble!

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