Saturday, 21 November 2009

Strictly Come Dancing: Running Commentary, Week Ten

Brucie’s back! And The Fonz is there too! But Ianade are out :-( So, so gutted for Jade and Ian – they’ve really grown on me and I was so looking forward to everything else they would bring us. They may come back and dance the tango in the final if Jade’s fit enough! For now though, we say farewell to one of the potential finalists but ... the show must go on!

Alian out first, foxtrotting to Foxy’s favourite Michael Buble I Just Haven’t Met You Yet – it’s gorgeous, very strong, fluid – but her hands are shaking, you can do it Ali. Come On! Alesha: beautiful opening to the show, made it look easy; Bruno: a moment of sheer bliss, was fantastic; Craig: nervy but polished, very gorgeous routine; Len: If you were a pudding it’d be an Angel Delight! Score: 35

Vinalie samba, great musicality, not as precise technically as it should be but good fun. Craig: Venus flytrap mouth – just ok, lacked bounce but completely an utterly endearing and watchable; Len: Messed up contra botofogos, all in hold, lost exuberance; Alesha: a lot of fun, colour and sparkle, difficult dance, good job; Bruno: More Bournemouth than Brazil! Score: 26

Chrola VW – aw, look at the little Ola’s! Another gorgeous romantic dance from the cute couple, loved it – beautiful music and I can’t even remember what it is! Bruno: Better! Way to go, led with confidence; Craig: Shoulders tight, wearing tension on your face; Len: you came out with confidence, great movement, very good job, you sold it; Alesha: I know you can pivot, did too many, didn’t feel the romance. Score: 29

Ricalie AS – I was holding my breath all the way through, it was beautifully done but very understated, not showy at all, a spectacular, smooth lift to end. Len: Gorgeously fantastic – except for the stupidly great big lift, didn’t need it; Alesha: lift shows a lot of trust, it was gentle, understated, romantic, a showsBoldtopper; Bruno: the romantic soul with the strength of Samson (But without the hair, says Ricky!) Two people breathing the same breath; Craig: Amalgamations were exquisite, first celebrity male to lead with added swing and sway. Loved the lift *argues with Len* Up she goes, over the rainbow. You’re D.U.L.L; Len: You're a Donut! Score: 36 (8 from Len, 10 from Alesha).

Lainton waltz to Nat King Cole, very classy, elegant, even with a little stumble, but they’re ok. Bruno: Most of it beautiful; Craig: a little bit behind, a miraculous recovery (from last week) Len: finesse not there obviously, however, came out and did spectacularly well. Alesha: Pleasantly surprised. Score: 29

Rickin Tango – He’s Got The Look! Full of attitude, couple of mistakes but good performance, got the mood. Len: Full of mistakes; Alesha: Came out with intent and determination and tried to sell; Bruno: Wanted to do it so badly you tensed up; Craig: Mechanical, shame. Score: 22

The phone lines open, the last two weeks have been strange; we’re halfway through with eight couples, then suddenly after tonight we’re down to five – and another two couple final looms :( that’s four years on the trot (would’ve been last year if not for the cock up) Powers That Be – you need a contingency plan, we want to see three showdances! We’re being short-changed again! And the judges could end up having to choose between Alian and Ricalie!

Darren and Lilia entertain with a swing dance that is pure fizz and bubble – and not unlike the Rock’n’Roll the couples will be trying next week! Judges thoughts: Alesha: 10 for Ricalie because of the music, choreography, romance, carried away; Bruno: Money is on Alian and Ricalie; Craig disappointed by Rickin; Len – peaks and troughs standards wise. New dances next week: Rock’n’Roll and Charleston, a taster. The girls need to be saucy for Charleston, the boys need to be fit for R’n’R – but a chance for them to let their hair down. Pro rumba to Frozen by Madonna, a lovely simple effect, understated and quite different from the normal show dance numbers.

Dame Shirley Bassey is In The House – singing This Time by Gary Barlow, wonderful performance. Wouldn’t this make a gorgeous VW – and here’s Natalie and Ian interpreting it beautifully, full of swirly moments. What did Tess just say? DSB In The House? They’re always nicking my lines!

The Moment of Truth: Chrola, Woohoo! Alian, Yay! Ricalie, Oh Yes! Phew - three votes for each did the trick! Who’s the last one safe? Vinalie! Can Ricky make it a hat-trick? Will Laila’s ankle hold up? It’s Laila, it’s unanimous. Quarter Final next week!


  1. Hope Jade is better for the final - I want to see that Tango! :o)

  2. me too! I can't see it though - four weeks isn't long, when they'd need to train beforehand again :(