Monday, 30 November 2009

Strictly Come Dancing - It Takes Two:The Boy is Back in Town

But first - backstage pass with the flaw-less floor team! All those marks on the floor, the cleaners must hate them. And they're ignored by the couples who can't stay still. Tess has an earpiece, Brucie prefers the old fashioned cueing action of a waved arm. Lots of behind the scenes madnes, how it all comes together is amazing. How do you get a job like that?

Vinalie on the sofa and Natalie (Back to square one) is being very pragmatic. The most upsetting bit is not seeing you, Claudia! Vincent (No amore Vincent) is heartbroken, it was an amazing partnership. They've carried on training for their waltz, just in case there's another drop-out! Highlights of their travels; Alesha the first judge up on her feet for the standing ovation. Vincent's blubbing again, bless him.

Bad Boys - Craig (Rock'n'Revel) and Bruno (very frank Bruno) on the sofa, Bruno returned from America for good, telling Clauda he is all hers with his usual gusto and descent into Carry-on speak, lol. They both agree the R'n'R's were underperformed and say it may have been fairer to have the celebs all do the same. Frustrated by the mistakes of Ricky and Laila, argue over the merits of Chris' charleston. Claudia would watch it over and over - that's cos you fancy Chris, says Bruno and he's off again! Both glad to see an earthy side of Ali.

The music is the heart of the dance, says Vincent, introducing us to Ben Skilbeck. He works with the dancers to produce their music and says Lady Ga Ga's Just Dance was one of the most requested, but it's so electro based, it's impossible for the band to recreate and do it justice. He passes the music to Mark, who cuts it down to 90 seconds - which can take two minutes or two hours. Then it's back and forth until the Pro is happy. They get the music for the next week straight after the Saturday show and start choreographing next day (well, Vincent does!) Hello to Dave Arch - who re-writes every note for the band - at 4-5 hours per track *OMG* - and the band themselves don't play it till lunchtime Saturday! The live show is only about the fourth time they play it through! *EEK* and double *EEK*.

Lilia and Darren are the first pair up for the Dance off challenge, Lilia says she was worse than Richard's cha cha: Scores - Darren 21800; Lilia - NIL!!! Claudia's never been so glad to run out of time; Lilia's shouting ... she's not coming back! LOL - you have to catch it on I-Player, just for that split second on Lilia's face!

If you missed the show itself, here's Strictly in Sixty:

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