Friday, 27 November 2009

Strictly Come Dancing - It Takes Two: Panel Games

Erin's crib first though - magic mirror - her celebs autobiographies - she needs a secretary - it's spotless, can't be there much - toasted fish finger and ketchup butties after Strictly - flowers in every room - choreographs on the rug in front of the telly.

Did Claudia just step in the path of a wind machine? Lainton on the sofa, Laila (Charleston Athletic) says they deserved to be in the dance off, it's given us a kick for this week. They're like Ricky and Bianca, though Anton (sleeps in a tie) doesn't know who they are. Laila has been practising on her own in Morocco and Anton says she's nailed it.

Forum Q&A: Where will you be in 5/10 years time? Ola - 3 kids and a dog; Brian - no idea; Ali - film/theatre/tv; Laila - on a beach in Tangier; Craig - in the gutter; Erin - 16 kids, 10 cats, 14 dogs, 4 budgies; What dance would you like to perform and where? Natalie - a samba in Africa, Katya - ballroom in Vienna; Anton - the Albert Hall (ballroom, presumably!) James - a Latin, whilst skydiving! How many mirrors in your house? Brian - 1 or 2; Katya - 2 or 3; Craig - lots; Ola - 4; Erin - 6; Matt - 4; Ian - 3! No, 4. 5? 6!!Or 7!!!

The Friday Panel, comprising Craig (Rock and Droll) Alesha (She Rocks) and Tony Blackburn (Bop Picker) Alian and she's training in trainers, needs a lot more bounce and swivel - 13 hours this week - Paula Nutini the song, Tony doesn't like it but it's perfect for the Charleston. The dress is red and electric pink cheeky, back strappy beady bits holding it together! Ricalie, dancing to Elvis. Jailhouse Rock? asks Craig naughtily. No, it's Hound Dog! Tony talks too much, we don't want the history of the song, Tone, just a "Yes, that's perfect R'n'R." Chrola - Chris is going to love this dance, regardless - Craig reckons it'll be his piece d'resistance. Alesha does the mouth: Ooh Wow OO. Genius. Craig's bopping, he's loving this song. Vinalie - not as bouncy, we're out of time, didn't catch the song!

Strictly nightmares: Chris wakes up counting; Natalie dreams of James and forgetting her moves; Laila fears going blank; Ricky doesn't want to go out on a whimper; Ali - sleepless nights over dance off worries.

James in the studio - nicks a drumstick - the infamous stairs - mind the cables - I'm surprised there aren't more accidents - no idea what those numbers on the floor are for. He's found Chrola, snogging on the sofa in Tess' area! In conversation with Hobbits: Ooh, get him with his spats! They were lapped in the group VW, he's driving an F1 car with his elbows. Ola's banned Chris from doughnuts as she's lifting him in their routine! Vinalie in practice, Vincent's having to follow Nat! We play out with a pre-recording of them rockin’ an’ a rollin’!

And the reason for the pre-recording is because of another pre-recording (happening live) of James Morrison and Nelly Furtado performing Broken Strings, a Strictly exclusive as they've never performed it together on televison before.

We also have Riverdance on tomorrow nights show - can't wait for that!

Don't forget, the show starts at 6.50pm and you can follow that action and boo, gasp and hiss with Strictly Social. Or leave your comments on the message boards at the website. Here's that Strictly Confidential as promised earlier in the week!

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