Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Strictly Come Dancing - It Takes Two: Taking Bets for a One Couple Final?

OMG - Brian, alone on the sofa, Ali injured again! *GASPS* She stumbles, I thought it might have been a wrist, but it's a foot again. Taken to a specialist for an MRI scan, worse case scenario is a torn ligament or fracture, thankfully it's neither, but severe bruising. So they haven't trained except for four hours before the accident. Brian (Flying solo) is actually shaking, as he hopes for the best. So what will happen? Presumbably, if she can't dance this week, they can get a bye to the next round - and, Powers That Be please do not eliminate this week - rock'n'roll it, rock'n'roll it all over to the next week and get us back on track for a three couple final - come on, now's your chance!

How to get a ten out of Len: 1 point for turning up; 2 for moving left leg; 3 for moving right leg; 4 if you start and finish with the music; 5 if he sees potential; 6 for everything so far, plus performance; 7 for signs of good technique, footwork, hip action or chemistry; 8 for true improvement, hold, posture, movement in ballroom, for hips and footwork in Latin; 9 for the unexpected, something you wouldn't expect a celebrity to do at that stage, perfect use of body, beautiful feet, musicality, magic; Finally, a 10 - for all of the above, plus that sparkle, that feeling of something special!

James' (Training Spotter) midweek report with Jenny (Flapping fantastic) and Ryan Francois (it's all rock'n'roll to him). It's not Jive and Quickstep, it's Rock'n'Roll (bopping, pendulum, airsteps) and Charleston (character driven, big kicks) they're different, although there are similarities. The professionals are out of their comfort zones. And there are two dances this week, says James. Claudia says: That was exclusive, do not allude to it, don't even look at me, lol. It's not a secret though, I'm sure I read somewhere there was a group dance as well as the individuals. And I don't mean on the Daily Scatter!

Lainton a little heavy on her feet (and now in Morocco for a photoshoot) no swivel yet but lots of character, the Charleston will suit them; Vinalie timing a little off in their R'n'R but Nat brings energy - more than Vincent! Improving, she's going to sell it; Chrola needs to be more confident but his cheeky chappie personality makes the Charleston potentially their best dance - as long as he can remember the steps! Ricalie looking confident, which sells R'n'R, just need to tighten it up, get on down.

Forum Q&A's: Which superpower would you like? Brian and Ali both choose flying; Ian - superstrength; Erin - invisibility; What's playing on your MP3? Len - Bing Crosby; Brian -rock, rap, country, classics; Ian - Jason Mraz; What film dance would you emulate: Ian - the title Gene Kelly sequence in Singin' in the Rain; Erin - Fred and Ginger, Cheek to Cheek; Laila - Flashdance; Brian and Ali both chose the club section in The Mask (Hm, showdance, methinks! Hopes!) Ola chooses Dirty Dancing; Craig, being Craig, chooses the ponytailed girl from Sweet Charity doing this ...ow, just cricked my neck.

Here come the girls: Cherie (Cherie Class), Lisa (Capital Woman) and Heather (Strictly Proud) on the sofa. Standout moments: Ricky G's Paso (Lisa), Ali's VW (Heather) and Chris' salsa (Cherie). Sound advice from Heather: Do what you do and enjoy it, grab any positive nugget, don't take Craig too seriously. Cherie thinks she may have got of lightly because they respected their elder! You have to fall in love with your partner; Brendan is now a softie because of Lisa and Jo. There's dress envy over Laila's fringy suit!

Here's a little something as a special treat - a teaser of what's on offer in Strictly Confidential this week! Steady, Foxy!


  1. Give me a bit more warning next time Scatty - I've only just regained consciousness!! Tee hee ;o) Yum yum - needed that :o)

    We need a 3 person final BBC - please, please, PLEASE!! *crossing fingers hard*