Monday, 23 November 2009

Strictly Come Dancing - It Takes Two: Reviewing the situation

Likin' the sound of that reviewing lark - don't disappoint me - tell me you've found a way to retain the three couple final. No? Oh ... grumble grumble ... backstage pass with the hair and make-up department. Ten hairdryers - six cases of make-up - 1000 eyeshadows! Loving the watermelon. All done ready for the band call. Ricky W. tries to kid us they make him wear a skinhead skullcap!

Rickin on the sofa; Ricky (Eastended) was resigned following the mistakes whilst Erin (Toppled by the Tango) had an apology for Ricky - she never thought they'd get this far, but it was his energy, enthusiasm and hard work that made it possible. Wasn't nice being up against Anton but it's not life or death! How very refreshing! And what a softie Ricky is, he's too choked for a long message.

Turning the tables and judging the judges, the celebs get their own back. Actually, they're very complimentary, even the impressions! Craig on the sofa (loves lifts, hates stairs) Jade has made the right decision in the interests of her future; the dance off not as obvious a choice as you may think - Ricky improved a lot. Liftgate - Ricalie's lift was beautiful as far as he was concerned; Len (getting grilled) is on the phone, having a cook up in the midwest by the look of it, agrees it's a good lift but should have been saved for the final; Craig all 'go for it' just in case. It's also a very simple lift - he offers to show Claudia - but he's seen her dancing with Len! They didn't think Natalie was as comfortable as usual and the routine too simple; Chris has to smile more, says Craig - Len says he doesn't notice their faces, too busy watching the arms and legs!

Ianade on the sofa for the last time, unless Jade (Knee-ds to rest up) moves in with Claudia! Overwhelemed with the support she's received, still pretty choked, obviously. Ian (The Waite's over) relives the VW, their breakthrough dance. Watching their highlights make you appreciate the loss to the show.

We end with some Vision On!

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