Friday, 20 November 2009

Strictly Come Dancing - It Takes Two: Panel Beaters!

How do they do it? The professionals, week in out, week out - teaching, training, choreographing and performing - they all approach it in their own way: Being a great dancer doesn't make you a great teacher; use props where needed; adapt to your partner; get the basics down early doors (Ok, Anton didn't exactly use that phrase!) break the routine down; do whatever it takes, be it gaffer tape or nipple tweaking (two guesses who that was!) reverse psychology: do you want me to make it simpler for you? Sports people prefer the direct approach, others may need nurturing; Vincent and Natalie both agreed he's fantastic!

Jade's story ... c'mon, show us that tango! Ianade on the sofa and Jade (Injured party) desperately wants to dance and may be about to overrule the BBC doctor! Claudia talks about the amazing tango again and even admits to teasing us! Well, show it then, come on! Ian (He's a good Waite) says it's been a very stressful week, what with the not knowing what they're going to do. The Moment of Truth? They still don't know! But, I'm guessing that if they do dance, it'll be the tango, since clearly they couldn't learn another dance this week - and that's why they're not showing it! *Fingers Crossed*

A very masculine panel - Jason Manford (Manc about Strictly) wants to be in Ricky W's gang; Michael Ball (Ball-room blitz) loving Nat, Chris and Ricky G; Craig (Bench marker) is very excited, specially about the frocks. On Vinalie's samba he says it's looking very good, her personality will come through. Dancing to Holiday by Madonna and they're slating it - I think it's the best one of all the disco samba songs, the audience will be clapping along and it does have that bouncy sound to it. The dress is classic samba frock, cerise and orange, 3D lace on the bodice, and feathers! Chrola VW has the grace and beauty, a little tense, needs less rise and fall. Dancing to Celine Dion - Now? It's not on Jason's playlist but it suits the dance. Alian, as always, graceful, in the master's arms, even if he is a cheesy American (Craig said that!) They're foxtrotting to Foxy's foxtrot I Just Haven't Met You Yet by The Buble! Jason swaps CDs with his nan and is familiar with The Buble! Ali's wearing a nude top covered with crystals, pastel swirls, almost backless and sideless; Craig didn't mention the skirt!!!??? Lainton have managed 6.5 hours , so slight concern, although the waltz did look nice - and dancing to Nat King Cole, gorgeous. Jason brings to everyone's attention how there's never any of those romantic rumours about Anton and his partners!

What are they thinking before they leave the sanctuary of the stage curtain? Apart from hoping they avoid touching the bit Ricky G's just wiped his sweaty hands on? They zone in; wish each other luck; decide to just go for it; there's pure pandemonium in their heads; there's no going back; it's weird, exciting, emotional. Let's go!

Claudia's on her way, barefoot - so she doesn't fall and break something - down to studio 4, they're in the smaller one due to Children in Need. She's found Chris, sounding very positive, he's been reading the foums and has pulled himself together as instructed! A quick hi to Ola and a hello, boys in charge of everything, just passing through. She's nabbed Ricalie, they could be in heaven or hell tomorrow! They play us out with a pre-recorded clip of their AS - it's a slow one - risky, quite frankly, it will need to be as beautiful and special as they hope. But if you're going with a slowie, there's no better song for it Somewhere Over The Rainbow. Specially when straight after there's a trailer for Sir Andrew Lloyd-Webber's new show - the hunt is on for Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. Clever.

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