Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Strictly Come Dancing - It Takes Two: Midweek Update

Chrola are back to their normal cuddly selves, almost - Ola (Ole Jordan) was so excited to get through following such a mixed reaction from the judges, Chris (Matador Man) is normally only grumpy at their Witching Hour, 5pm. Deal with it, commands Ola! Not finding the VW easy - he doesn't turn enough *eek* "Are you going to the final?" asks Claudia. "To watch?" asks Chris to general background laughter.

A quick guide to judging: The Len Commandments - 1) Thou shalt keep on time 2) Thou shalt not do lifts 3) Thou must have chemistry - off the floor as well as on 4) Thou shalt have co-ordination 5) Thou shalt entertain!

James (full of facts) with the midweek report - concise, excellent, positive critique - he's very good. Claudia shows us his awesome lift with Kristina on Saturday, just for the sheer hell of it! Jade is being assessed day by day, no training today. The Pro's get injured but they're used to it - Ola broke his nose on the dance floor once! Alian foxtrot looks lovely, needs to work on footwork, needs to soften posture; Vinalie samba, technical stuff needs work but this could be another good dance for her personality-wise; Rickin tango and he'll be able to sell it, not into the floor enough though - early days; Ricalie foxtrot American Smooth, looking great already but watch your step! Team Cola - needs to drive more and believe in himself.

Forums Q&A: What do you like on toast? James - baked beans; Ricky G - pate or cheese; Ian - cheese, peanut butter; Craig - yeast extract; Cat person, dog person, neither or both? James - dog; Nat L - dog; Erin - Cat; Ricky W - dog; Laila - dog; Craig - dog; Katya - cat; Ian - both; Chris - dog; Who is your celebrity crush? Nat L - Matthew McConaghey; Erin - Len; Ricky G - wife Hannah Waterman (aw!) Katya - Jude Law; James - Ola (more aws!) Craig - Gethin Jones; Anton - Penelope Cruz; Ricky G - Tess Daly; Ian - Katherine Jenkins.

Lainton on the sofa, ankle on a cushion. Laila (Feeling the strain) Brucie went and we all decided to follow! Anton (a great support) is very proud that she had a go. Took a while to get into the rumba but once she did was really looking forward to it, she felt guilty though with Ricky and Phil in the dance off when she was below them on the leaderboard. Waltzing in sparkly Ug boots this week!

Cool-ish dance moves to end! Have you done the quiz this week? No? Try it here: Questions - and then check out the dancer with the answers below!

And the lovely Katya also gives you her top three tips to Tango!

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