Monday, 16 November 2009

Strictly Come Dancing - It Takes Two: The Aftermath

Behind the seams with Nadia from wardrobe and oh, how we all wish for a walk-in wardrobe like that (and the dresses to fill it!) Did you see that? A man, ironing - so much for all the sexism rubbish! Ali won't let the cameras in with her dresser; Ricky W's not so shy! The department follow every move avidly - especially the bit where Natalie's bra filler worked its way loose!

Phitya on the sofa and Phil (Tuff luck) was surprised to be in the dance off, after having done his best dance. Katya (had nine lives) knew they'd go as soon as Len began speaking, having had the mistake early on. But on a good note, her mum is still talking to Phil! Glad they went out on a high - they're full of praise for each other. I'm sorry to see them go, I think there was still more to come from Phil. Lovely highlights showing what a wonderful partnership it was. We'll miss you Phitya :)

News of the Whirled - Ronnie's trews; Jade's knees-up; Rouss Rumba Stumble; Judges Put The Cat Out. Claudia explains the rules - if a doctor says they can't dance, they get a week off but only once (Jade) if the doctor says they can, it's up to the dancer (Laila). But didn't say what would happen if one or both subsequently pull out!

Craig (preferred Ricky's Groves) is on the sofa, with Len (Uncle Len - he's pictured as Uncle Sam, see! Geddit?) both say that if Phil hasn't made a mistake, he'd have been saved over Ricky, as overall he was the better dancer. Craig defended his three for Laila (what there was of the dance wasn't very good since she was limping), Len defended his seven (it was his lowest score of the night, he didn't need to be cruel and mark lower). Apparently, Ricky W also had a hamstring injury, which is why Natalie had to slow the jive down - according to Len, nursing injuries has always been a part of the show!

Alian on the sofa - Brian (Prince Cha Cha Charming) thinks it's a beautiful thing that Ali (Cinder-Ali) can't be a bad girl, awww. He's crawling again: "You were brilliant on Saturday, Claudia." Now you've gone and embarrassed her! He is right though Claudia - you were! It's about the only thing all Strictly fans agree on! Fame and Fortuna - Alian have a dream and it's Fab-U-Lous! Foxtrot this week, Brian's first on the show - he's going for simple and effective.

Rockin' it out: There's a lot of hot air guitars, some jumping. And Phil's shoe.

Missed the main show? See it here in sixty seconds and join in the discussion on the message boards here.

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