Thursday, 12 November 2009

Strictly Come Dancing - It Takes Two: Training Updates

Latin: Lainton rumba - 11 hours and they're looking for Laila's inner vixen; Chrola Paso, 15.5 hours - he's mean and moody and ...he's hurt his foot - I'm the boss, says Chris, she's not here, is she? Alian cha cha on 10 hours, having lost a day due to Brian having food poisoning *eek*; Ricalie jiving, 12 hours - the longest one minute thirty of their lives!

Chrola on the sofa, aw, love 'em. Chris (Cola can) we were all waiting and it all came together. Ola (She's the Gaffer) we have to keep to that level now. Worried re the Paso but should be fun. Strictly Dynasty training, aw, bless - even when they shout at each other they're sweet. They're practising masterful; Chris has cape burns! No, not Springfield's N.A.S.A. launch pad - he's just a bit too masterful with the cape! Watch out for a dramatic end to their Paso!

Len's Masterclass - recreating that iconic moment Kristina was dragged like a sack of potatoes by John in their Paso! This is going to be IT, he tells Claudia. Start with an explosion, full turn, firm grip and lower, leg out and Away! Ole! Cue Music!

Ballroom: Rickin VW on 12.5 hours - the shoulders look much better; Ianade tango on 16 hours - feirsty, comfortable, spicy; Phitya AS on 12.5 hours, looking very smooth but - Tuffers in a cardy!!! Vinalie foxtrot on 15 hours can't stop smiling even when she stabs him with her heel!

This looks to be one helluva tight contest on Saturday! My tip for the top based on what I've seen - Ianade. But after that *shrugs unknowingly*

Strictly Cribs - Nat C's house: The big black coat that hides all; Awards; Albert Square name plate, signed by all, including a soppy Matt Di A; An Italian lover, our Nat - no wonder she and Vincent have gelled; Wendy Richard tribute board; and a proper cuppa to end!

Alian and the Big 40 on the sofa and Ali (Viennese Whirlwind) said it hit her on Monday how close she came to going out and how much it meant to her to stay in, going from the low to such a high. Brian (worth a FourTenner) was in shock, had to watch it back! They show Ricky G impersonating him; he returns the favour, albeit a bit too posh! Just The Two Of Them in training - don't get freaked out, says Claudia! The Cha Cha - Brian's put together another difficult routine!

There's more bananadrama at the end. The supplier must be quids in.

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