Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Strictly Come Dancing - It Takes Two: Wardrobe Functions

Where's the boat, Cap'n Claudia? Vinalie on the sofa - they're blethsed! Nat (Stepped up her game) The atmosphere was electric! She told you Len wouldn't like the jivey bit, Vincent! Shout out to Sid1979 on the forum - Vinalie represent all that Strictly is about. English lessons: Vincent was cream cracketed ... cream cracked ...Nat's cracking up and ... she just melted! Foxtot this week and Vincent (Pocket Rocket) says they've got the routine down already, he's sorry for the other professionals!

Armistic Day Rememberance Dancing with Richard (lovely eyes) and Lily (better than the other girls) back in the day when London was full of people looking to lift their spririts - and what better way than dancing!

Su Judd talks ballroom tango frocks: black, red, drama, weighted skirt for movement, her faves were Zoe's and Kelly's. Lisa's very different, jade and orange. The boys in tux jacket, ties to match the girls frocks - Darren B. says as in dancing, so in life, the men are the matching accessories! Hilary and Nicola (Thread Bearer) say the hard work for Blackpool was worth it! This week: Jade's tango dress - hot orange, black accents, wasp corset, lace overlay, satin skirt, seven panels, thigh high split, extra frills. Very Agent Provocateur ... ooh, samples! Boudoir meets ballroom! Natalie's foxtrot dress - pale turquoise, gold, halterneck, dropped waist, gorgette skirt, trailing lace, crinoline at hem, epitome of late 40's/early 50's Hollywood, Dior. Laila's rumba frock - more fringing, halter neck, full length from peppermint to dark green. Ali's cha cha frock - traditional Latin, sweetheart neckline, stone boarders, fringe skirt - cha cha cha ooh la la!

Ianade couldn't believe they got through from 4th on the leaderboard! Strictly World Wrestling: Jade (The Abs) Johnson v Ian (The Pecs) Waite - a comfortable 3-0 victory to Jade! Their tango is looking Very. Very. Good. The end credits show how it can go so wrong before it all goes goes wonderfully right on the night!

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