Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Strictly Come Dancing - It Takes Two: Lifting the Spirits

Rickin's story - "C'mon Erin, we're going!" Ricky (a Grovesy kind of guy) is all suited up and Erin (Boagying on down) weren't taking it as read that they'd go straight through but looking on the bright side - couples a lot higher up the leaderboard than they have survived the dance off. Their training room is like a holiday camp: Hi Di Hi - 11am Knobbly Knee competition; 3pm Dance Time in the Hawaiian ballroom: The Slosh (I can do that!) The Holey Cokey (and that!) 8pm The Cabaret - VW this week! Erin sweet-talks the VT guy into rewinding to prove that she lifted herself. **
** see choreography corner

Choreography Corner with Karen (Strictly Step Mother) who explains how the sprung dancefloor enhances the performances giving more spring than say, a concrete floor. Lifts! A lift is where one partner has both feet off the floor with the assistance of their partner - could Erin or Laila have achieved those moves without assistance - NO! Hold the big lifts for the final and settle for smaller ones in the AS! Vinalie hopped with pivots and turned with woodpeckers; Alian, yes, worth 40, quality, footwork, topline, no errors, no points to deduct; Two dances made for the Tower ballroom - VW and Foxtrot - not salsa, not with a floor that size; Ricalie and the errors made clear but so strong, right to challenge with the choreography.

Friends and family - they're proud. Yep. Natalie's and Laila's friends and Ricky G's mum on the sofa and Nat's mate brought a picture of Nat's Cilla Black impression and says that Nat can't sing, but she'll give it a go; Ricky's dad disappeared out to the kitchen during the dance off - that's what I do during England penalty shoot-outs - and his nan has become a celebrity in her little Norfolk village. Laila's mate was scared of her Paso face - and they don't use the J-word (Jive!)

Lainton on the sofa and Claudia asks if they feel they were undermarked, both in Paso and VW - both Laila (Up Up and Away) and Anton (Beke from Blackpool) are torn between wanting to say yes and not cause a fuss. So yes, they think so. But they can't argue re the lifts - which Anton says were a homage to the Colemeister! How to get out of dancing: Plan A - fake an injury; Plan B - pretend they were given the wrong dance; Plan C - leave the country; Plan D - distraction (nick Alesha's jewellery) Plan E - Survive! Rumba this week. It's going to be fine. Really.

Roll end credits - from novices three months ago to telling the Pro's how it's done! I'll stick with the professionals, thanks! Catch up on other Strictly Surgeries on the website!

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