Thursday, 5 November 2009

Strictly Come Dancing - It Takes Two: Midweek Updates

Latin training: Cravia Cha Cha - 11.5 hours - this is their first full Latin? You're kidding me! How could that happen - week eight? Rumba and Jive is all?? Actually, he's looking quite nimble! Phitya have rumba on 13.5 hours - reach - pretend it's the biscuit jar, or better still, ale! Rickin salsa, 12.5 hours - the donkeys won't know what hit them when he rocks the Tower! Lainton Paso - 11 hours, Laila's finding it hard as she's tired.

Ianade jiving, 15 hours - will you check out that leapfrog - Ian didn't manage it! Copping a feel there though, cheeky fella! They're on the sofa, Claudia tells them they've never been below fourth on the leaderboard - are they happy to slip under the radar? Yes, basically. Jade (Feeling foxy) says as long as Ian's happy, she's happy. Ian (Jade's maite) says she loved the foxtrot but found it hard. They had to take six inches off the dress after dress rehearsal because it was tripping them - and still her heel got caught! Tall people can jive, training looks good - the language of dance is bringing about Ladylike Jade.

Len's Masterclass is channelling Lisa and Brendan's Walking My Baby Back Home foxtrot - it's subtle, Claudia doesn't get it! Elegance is the key word, says Len. Have you met me? says Claudia! They're going for the outside swivel, sway to the left, sharp to the right and off into a standing spin - you're improving Claudia, yay!

Ballroom training: Alian VW on 14.5 hours - Brian determined to make Ali believe in herself; Ricalie Tango 8.5 hours, Ricky's loving this even more than the QS - and he has to be bandy legged! Vinalie QS, 14.5 hours, oops, mind Vincent's foot! Chrola foxtrot, 13.5 hours - Ola's taped his mouth up, lol.

Forum Q&A's - Guilty Pleasure? Eating out every night, says Anton; Pizza - Craig RH; Dunking chocolates in tea - Laila; a good old English fry up - Chris. Which character from a musical would you be? Chris - Caractacus Burke from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang; Chicago's Roxie Hart - Laila; Johnny in Dirty Dancing - Ricky W and James. Ideal night in? With girlfriend, watching golf - Anton; A takeaway, few beers, movie - James; With his pillow called Fluffy - Ricky W. Bubble bath and an old movie - Craig RH; Watching It Takes Two with the lovely Claudia - Ian. Crawler!

Phitya on the sofa and Phil (he's been Tangoed) declares his love for the tango, slightly more reticent on the rumba! Katya (Not ready to declare) wanted to prove he is a serious dancer, more excited for their future in the competition. Phil says she deserves to stay in - for putting up with him! He's aiming for sweetly romantic masculine dominance this week. And Len, re the hours- he has got a proper job still you know!

It's back to school for the celebs at the end, wishing they'd paid more attention!

This week's Big Question - what are we looking forward to at the seaside! Find out more on the Strictly website and @bbcstrictly on Twitter!

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