Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Strictly Come Dancing - It Takes Two: Dancefloor Daily!

Lainton back in hold - half 'n'half, for Paso at Blackpool. Laila (Holding on to her hero) is a little bit whingy about the judges criticising their Latin, Anton (decked by Bruno) thought their fleckerl was perfect - but I dunno, I thought I saw a little stumble into it there. Once Upon a Saturday Tea Time in a ballroom far, far away, a handsome, nicely turned out Prince ... hang on a minute, it was ME that came up with the Princess Leila thingy, weeks ago! Oh, anyway - they're seeking the Silver Orb of Strictly; I'm not sure dancing a Paso to Layla will help them, but it may be I've got the acoustic version stuck in my head. Laila's a bit worried Craig will call her conceited following the comment to Rickin at the weekend!

Len with the Half Term Report - Class on 2009: Natalie - too much giggling going on, address posture but B+! Ali a good girl, occassional loss of concentration, twice top of the class - A. Phil can dance, needs to pay attention in other subjects a B-. Jade answers back, attempted to long jump in the class room, very pleased - A-. Ricky G won't sit still, needs to sit up straight - B+. Chris gets mummy to help with homework, started strong, get over embarrassment - B. Laila up and down like a fiddlers elbow, trying harder now, especially in Latin - A. Craig tries his hardest, dedicated C+. Ricalie, apart from gymnastics in Latin - still room for improvement A+ and a Gold Star!

In the dressing up box with Hilary (Frill seeker) and Nicola (Material Girl) it's the Tower Ballroom so it's full on glamour and drama: Laila's Paso dress is everything a Paso dress should be - claret and black, volume, bead droppers, mesh back, hints of Carmen and Evita; Ali's VW - turquoise/emerald/marine blue? with a hint of minty freshness, 1950's halterneck, dropped waist, rusching across the body, a Dior mermaid; Jade's jive ... I hesitate to use the word 'frock' - dayglo green drape across a leotard, droppers at the hem for movement, one shoulder, traffic stopping, mind those trams! Natalie's QS - simple, clean lines, georgette skirt, turqouise - Lady Ga Ga Goes to Blackpool! Thanks Nicoly and Hillara!

Sofa time for Cravia and they agree their Waltz was a turning point. Craig (Northern Soles) says every week is now a massive bonus. Craig's words of widsom are lost on Flav! (Flavia of the dance) Can you be both a blank canvas and a sponge? At the same time? They've Cha Cha this week. He was moving his arms ok in the clip, I'm sure they said Cha Cha not Paso ...

All by themselves, don't wanna be all by themslves - they've got their heads in their hands, heads banging against walls, against mirrors and lots more heads in hands!

Quiz Time - it's an easy one this week, honest - no tie colours! And don't forget - Claudia is hosting Never Mind the Buzzcocks tonight!


  1. Claudia is funny isn't she lol :o)

    Do you know what I've realised Scatty......Penny didn't even do a Chacha on the show! So not only is she dancing latin, it's a latin she's never done before!!

  2. I'm assuming she's had a decent time to practice with Matthew - and her samba was good, so here's hoping!