Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Strictly Come Dancing - It Takes Two: Mixed Emotions

Alian limp onto the sofa - Ali's foot was actually bleeding Saturday night - before the dance off, poor thing! Ali (Toe-tally recovered. Not.) was a complete bag of nerves and couldn't even think about the foot, she'd thought the drama was over. Brian (Fortuna-te to be here) even more upset - James is like a brother to him. And to those who say it's just a TV show - to us, the public, yes - but to the pro dancers, it's their life. A Shout Out to Fortuna's Fantastics, all behind Team Awesome. Ali's wearing slippers for their VW training - and it still looks lovely.

Statsman: Rumba performed 44 times, average 26.5 Top celeb Rachel, average 39; joint second - Natasha and Colin, 36. Only 6 tens, all to Rachel. Waltz performed 51 times, average 28.4 with 25 tens. Top celeb Matt, average 40, joint second Rachel, Lisa and Gethin on 39.

Choreography Corner with Darren (Lord of the Latin) and Lilia (She's brilla) after reinforcing Len's message - that we don't want to see our best in the bottom two. They tell us a bit about Blackpool and the dances there need to be big numbers, showstoppers. Ricalie's QS the best dance so far, complicated choreography, he nailed it, could've so easily gone wrong, especially the turns up the steps, difficult but fabulous. The first winning routine they've seen. Phitya did a great job, took on the character, sophisticated - he has great legs and feet, moves very evenly - Phil's living up to the cricketers reputation! Rickin had good content - sliding doors, where they pass each other from left to right, back and front - Darren's seen worse scored higher. Lilia wants to dance with Natalie, loves her enthusiasm, Vinalie's jive all fun and flicky; Ianade's foxtrot in for a lot of praise, Ian using every beat, uses height to advantage, uses every corner, very well matched.

Over to the forum for Q&A's: Fave ice cream - Vanilla (Len, Anton, Ola) Strawberry (Aliona) Praline (Laila) Rum and Raisin (Craig) Mangoes (Katya) Mint Choc Chip (Brian) Chocolate (Ali.Chris, Ian, Matt) You'd be forgiven for thinkin I'd be choc also - but no, I'm vanilla when it comes to ice cream! With a proper chocolate coating. Pets - Katya has, guess what - a cat! Called Dr Johnny Righteous - now that's what I call a pet name! Len had a bulldog called Gilbert; Ricky G has two dogs - Eric and Ernie! If Jade had a pet it would be a stick insect because they're fascinating - and Ola has James! If you could be anyone else for a day? Ricky G - U.S. President; Anton - Bruce! Ola - Angelina Jolie ;) Laila - Mrs Denzel Washington ;) Ian - Craig and Craig - Joan Collins!

Vinalie on the sofa with mixed emotions, elated for themselves, gutted for Zojam - Nat (she came ajive) wanted to Zoe to win, she was her best friend on the show - but now she's gone, the gloves are off! They were still dancing outside the studio after their scores, the jive was everything she wanted and more! QS his week and Nat's noticed that Vincent (short and sweet) has stepped things up - although the other pro's apparently think she won't cope with the routine he's doing - she's determined to prove them wrong! He says he's going for the judges, not the public, she says "So I'll see you Monday!" She needs Vitamin V - heightened energy levels, younger looking skin and even more attractive to the opposite sex! Vitamin V - out now! Possible side effects include excessive sweating, attention seeking and loss of eyebrow control! They give us a quick burst of the song: Americano seems to be the chorus!

The Pro dancers have turned up the heat in training - it's drill time!

Rod Stewart is the guest at Blackpool on Saturday, singing Same Old Song - and wife Penny Lancaster, who left series 5 before the chance to cha cha, will be dancing one with Matt Cutler during Rod's performance! Ian will be hoping he and Jade can cadge a lift in the Stewart's private jet - the team coach must be a nightmare for those legs!

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  1. Do you reckon that was a condition of Rod performing - that Penny would get to dance? Seems odd, especially since she wasn't that good and went out week 7. :o/

  2. Possibly - perhaps it saved on the appearance fee??!!

    I'd have thought she'd have done a ballroom dance though, tbh - she was lovely in the ballroom.

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