Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Strictly Come Dancing - It Takes Two: Sofa so good!

Vinalie on sofa one: Nat (Not a Brazil nat) couldn't get on with the samba - straight legs, bent legs, point, ugh face! Vincent (samba survivor) is taking the blame - he chose the music and was uninspired and struggled with the choreography - you should have asked the band Vincent, they had the perfect tune I blipped them! Pretty sure they'd go home if in the dance off, so now they know they've the public behind them. ITT present The Dancefather - Italian lessons! Rock'n'roll this week, they have tutors as Vincent's never done it either! Looking like a lotta fun! Eccellenti!

Sofa two: Choreography Corner with Karen (Dance Deviser) and we're going to see some great professional work with these new dances! On Ricalie's AS - agrees with Len - you'd never see Fred and Ginger doing a lift like that! And it is easy - if you get the timing right! Lainton waltz, delivering the ronde, good job; Chrola - pivots away - play to the crowd, listen to them, they like pivots! Alian foxtrot, al about the musical interpretation and rhythm - quick quick slow, you know "No" says Claudia, "I can't dance!" "I've been watching" quips Karen, lol. Vincent is the all-round Picasso, samba his worst!

(Chair) Ask Len: Which celeb would he dance with? Little Claudia Winkleperson's the girl for him! Which dances are the hardest? Ballroom - Foxtrot; Latin - Samba; Which professional would he love to dance with and why? Vincent! He dances brilliantly as a girl!

Sofa three: Classy Colin, Marvellous Matt and Gorgeous Gethin, Claudia's beside herself - and Gethin! Give us the goss: Colin (fell at the final hurdle) he and Darren had both booked November holidays, not thinking they'd get that far! Matt (Lilia's Lad) is teasing Claudia - has he been at the sherry? Lilia the reason he got through. Gethin (Welsh Wonder) never gave the final a thought until the semi - and then he went out! Their standout moments so far? Colin - Chris' Paso, he was so in the moment. They all agree it's harder being a boy - Matt says Lilia lead him all the way. He's definitely had too much sherry or been hanging around with Claudia all day. His highlight was Craig's delusion - he loves him and wants to meet him "his little face when he went to the judges " (to be shot down!) Gethin loved Natalie's jive - one of those dances where you're still smiling at the end. Who's going all the way - they think Ali and Ricky but would love to see Nat do it!

Fisticuffs to finish (the credits, not the sofa guys!) Seen the Strictly Surgery? It's the American Smooth with Erin this week! Check out the rest of them on the website.


  1. I laughed so hard when Matt was talking about Craig - soooo funny! :o)

    Yay - Nat's got the support, crossing my fingers she goes all the way! :o)

  2. I remember all the celebs on ITT and in the final all saying Darren in series 3, so it coud be an indication - she needs the public though, she'll be most at risk in the dance off. I really wouldn't like to call it - depends if Chris is more popular, cos since the dance off we can only save one of the bottom two! Laila could be the pivot actually, depending how her ankle holds up and how her next Latin is (if she gpes through) - The Charleston could be her and Anton's strongest! Worst case scenario as far as my faves are concerned is a Ricky/Ali dance off this week! Cos whoever's left is assured of making it through regardless, which could impact badly on Chris! It's all good fun! It's watch with calculator time!