Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Strictly Come Dancing - It Takes Two: Not so Terrible Tuesday

Announcement: Jade may be out! Watch this space ...

Rickin is in and on the sofa, both Ricky (Fully Focused) and Erin (Back to Boagie) had 'that' feeling and were ready for the dance off - surprised to be up against Phitya and also to beat them - although Erin dared to hope when Phitya made the mistake. Claudia uses the word 'jazzy' - and apologises! There's nothing wrong with jazzy, Claudia *wags finger disapprovingly*. Ricky's Thought Bubbles. Ricky the Transformer. The Dancer in Disguise. Funny. Tango this week - not funny, serious aggresive attititude again, Erin says it will be his best! A nifty bit shown there. Not yet into the thirties - but it never worried Erin and Julian, did it!

Karen's choreopgraphy corner, the Pivotal Champion talks injury, the celebs not focusing on their bodies - too many other things on their minds. Must warm up! Jive and Quickstep the worst for pounding on the body, ankles a problem - specially in heels! Ali's hip action a key element in the cha cha, she mastered it, Brian made the most of it; Ola created the shape, Chris too straight; Vinalie's contra body movement, clever routine; Ricalie jive, performed to the audience, asked a man to multi-task - acting, performing, needed to keep his feet moving, always playing catch up. Never pause in the jive!

Terrible Tuesday is when panic sets in, choreography incomplete, can't put it to music, only three days left, all on edge, frustration city - the Pro's back off till Whimsical Wednesday.

Celebrity Superfans in the house -Lionel Blair (Tapping up the Competition) Vanessa Feltz (Strictly Speaking) and Russel Grant (Dancing with the Stars). Lionel took over Brucie's dancing with a member of the audience on Saturday - she looked remarkably like Jayne Middlemiss, but Claudia never said, so it probably wasn't. Lionel loved Ricky's QS, said it was unbelievable, Russell said it's Capricorn rhythm. Vanessa loves Natalie's joy and great partnership - that's her Taurean aura, apparently. Russell dissolved at Ali and Brian's VW, he was a small alka saltzer in life's glass of water.

Strictly Come Break Dancing to end - as in snacking and relaxing, not legs. *Phew*

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