Monday, 9 November 2009

Strictly Come Dancing - It Takes Two: Back from the Ball

James has the backstage pass and gives us a tour of the Tower Ballroom, meeting Anton, who, even in rehearsals, is insisting it's a throw - James is unconvinced. Chris the Hobbit takes him on, I suspect Ola could take 'em both. It's mind your head on those chandeliers and on the stairs!

Cravia on the sofa for the final time and Craig (Gave it some Kelly) couldn't believe the standing ovation, very touched. Flavia (Kelly's Hero) thought the judges were harsh. Craig says there was still a chance of improvement, ever the optimist! Sweet messages to each other, they're welling up. He's going to miss the whole beautiful experience and he's now rooting for Tuffers!

Trading Places - Craig (Starter for Ten) and Bruno - Bruno is officially Mr.Nasty now! Craig's in love, which is why he's so smiley, and says it's Bruno who's suffering from the jet lag instead of Len (Ranching out - I think he's meant to be Custer tonight?) who said it was a fair comment from Alesha about Zoe. Let's talk 40 - Ali very balletic, the VW suited her. Craig said he was completely carried away, a real Cinderella moment. And Lainton definitely did lifts! Claudia pointed out that Rickin also did a lift, but Erin would normally have kept a toe on the floor - maybe it was something in the crowd! The Tall People Jiving came in for more praise, the girliness was unexpected, and Vinalie's QS needed the jivey break - no celeb could've kept up with that choreography!

Phitya on the sofa and buzzing! Phil (Tuffing it out) felt a bit self conscious in the slow, romantic rumba, being more the snog in the back of a motor kind of guy and had performed it much better in training; still their top Latin score though. Naughty Claudia stops hereself saying her fave moment was in the back of a motor, lol. Katya (Kat got the Dream) happy as her mum will be flying in on Friday and will see their American Smooth, for which the lifts may be throws and Phil will be Katya-ing her! There's an exclusive preview of Eau de Tuffers: For men who stink and want to smell better - looks like all the male celebs will be buyng it! They're cracking up.

Freestyling in training - Ali's robot is really good! Showdance?? They're reminding me of me in my kitchen. Flav says: You know they're going to show this!

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  1. Why the hell doesn't claudia winkleman do something with her hair, it is so annoying , how can she see through that awful fringe, it is so offputting, get rid of the fringe or her.

  2. D'you know, I think I can recall it being much longer; she's gone lighter and had it chopped a bit - not too much though! Personally I love her as she is :-)

  3. Please, please please will someone tell Clauida
    Winkleman to cut her fringe or pin it back out of her left eye. Half the time she's like Cyclopes glaring out of one eye, the rest of the time she's flicking or pushing it back. It must be as annoying for her as it is for us watching.

    Tom Stewart

  4. Aw, bless - she must have heard, she tied it up in a ponytail tonight!