Thursday, 29 October 2009

Strictly Come Dancing - Training room gossip!

Natalie has spoken about how fit you need to be for the Jive and how her fitness level has definitely improved but dancing doesn’t feel like a work out because she loves it so much!

Jade has said how she prefers the ballroom routines to the Latin dances. Her theory is that because she is feisty and the Latin is feisty, as a combination it is simply too much. She prefers the mix of her being feisty coupled with the romanticism of the ballroom.

Ricky Groves has revealed that ‘its not so much touching a woman’s body, more that he is touching a woman’s body in front of 10 million people’ that worries him with the Rumba.

James has said that if he and Zoe get through this week he will dance the Lambada with Craig!

Ali was buzzing so much after Saturday night’s result that she hardly slept!

Ricky has revealed his dad’s influence on him and how he always pushed him to be the best at whatever he did. It may have been tough at the time but now Ricky is glad as he says it has made him the person he is today.

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