Friday, 30 October 2009

Strictly Come Dancing - More training stories and vids!

Ali is really enjoying the different character she plays in the Paso Doble and claims that as it is Halloween on Saturday the audience are going to see a scary side to her this weekend!

Anton joked that if he and Laila stay in and are top of the leader board this week he will wear Ian's sequined trousers!

Natalie has talked about how she used to get a lot of people in the street calling her Sonia but now because of Strictly more people call her Natalie!

Chris is cringing with the sexy parts of the Cha Cha routine and one bit in particular where he is left alone shaking his bum!

James has been trying to get Zoe to lose her inhibitions by getting her to wiggle her bum and generally be sexy during her solo bits.

Tango Tuffers!

The name's Groves, Ricky Groves ...

A little Whittle!

With everyone doing a different dance this week, the forums will be in overdrive - join in on the Strictly website.

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  1. Forgot to ask - we still on for Sunday? 10:30ish? :o)